Although the days are getting shorter, it’s still hard to believe that summer will be coming to a close in just over a month.  With busy back to school schedules, now is the time schedule a wisdom tooth evaluation for your teenage children.

Since wisdom teeth usually erupt between the ages of 17-25, summer break is the ideal time to schedule an examination to evaluate the position of the wisdom teeth and catch any potential problems before they arise.  Studies have shown that early evaluation and treatment can prevent complications and decrease the surgical risk involved with the procedure.  If wisdom teeth erupt, the tissue around them can become infected, and the pressure from the erupting wisdom teeth can crowd or even move the existing teeth. (All that money on braces down the drain!)  Most seriously, if wisdom teeth become impacted, tumors or cysts can form around them causing damage to other teeth or the jawbone.

If the evaluation reveals that an extraction is necessary, you will also have more scheduling flexibility and recovery time for your child by taking advantage of summer vacation for the procedure and healing time.  You can also avoid a frightening and painful medical emergency if your children attend school out of state.

You can learn more about wisdom teeth here.