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We are so happy to announce the return of Salute to Smiles, a program designed to connect area dentists with military backgrounds and local veterans in order to provide necessary dental procedures at no charge.  Sadly, many veterans cannot afford the dental care they need. As a result, these veterans can suffer from health complications due to missing teeth – such as bone deterioration in the jaw and malnourishment from the inability to chew nutritious foods.  Salute to Smiles doesn’t just restore the dental health of these veterans, but it also restores their confidence by giving them their smile back.

Salute to Smiles began in 2015 and once again this year, 6 veterans will receive dental care at no charge as a result of this program.  We’re especially excited for this year’s program because we have our first female veteran participating.  Salute to Smiles 2016 was kicked off with an event hosted by John Maino, a veteran himself.  The event provided an opportunity for the veterans of last year’s program to meet the veterans of this year’s program as well as the surgeons, dentists and sponsors of Salute To Smiles.  Each veteran will then begin his or her care plan, and the necessary dental and oral surgery procedures will take place over the next 4-6 months.  

You can learn more about Salute to Smiles and watch the kick off party video here.  Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates!

Salute to Smiles 2016/2017 Veterans

Salute to Smiles 2016/2017 Veterans.  Front row left to right:  Allen Largo and Gerald “Gerry” Kidd.
Back row left to right: Thomas “Mike” Wightman, Brian Wautier and Barbra Hass.  
Not pictured:  James Chown.