Good. Then let’s talk about brushing up on brushing your teeth. Why two? Our dentists tell us two minutes, our electric toothbrushes tell us two minutes so why is this the magic number?

The American Dental Association ran a slogan of “2min2x” to get kids into the habit of brushing for at least two minutes-twice a day. Simply and scientifically put, brushing twice a day, (and flossing once) will reduce plaque, cavities, and bad breath. The Academy of General Dentistry, even suggests brushing teeth for about three to four minutes or as long as a song. However, singing along and brushing could make for a messy bathroom mirror.

In scientific studies from The Journal of Dental Hygiene, people who brushed for 45 seconds removed only 74% percent of plaque and brushing for 30 seconds only removed 45% of plaque-
compared to people who brush for two minutes. So by taking a very short, short-cut you are missing a substantial amount of plaque and jeopardizing your dental and overall health.

Brushing and flossing for two minutes or more, seems like eternity at first. But think of all the food debris, plaque and bacteria resting in your mouth, especially at night. You can also use a toothbrush as a scrubbing brush to remove bacteria from your mouth’s interior, we’re talking your cheeks, your gums and even your tongue. A good once over will leave you feeling clean, fresh and confident!

Don’t skip flossing. At least once a day, grab your flossing tool of choice and go for it. Some bleeding may occur between teeth but that will decrease as you practice more. Flossing is essential and is often overlooked or an occasional task. Once a day, please!

Get in the habit every day and not just before your dental appointment. Once you have a twice-daily routine, it’s hard to break and this one will keep you smiling for years.