7 Reasons Dental Implants Can Make Your Life Better

If you are missing teeth or using dentures and finding it’s not working well, you may be a good candidate for dental implants. It’s a great way to restore a natural looking smile and improve your overall health.

More often than not, patients prefer to keep their natural teeth. While this may be a great short-term solution, it may be frustrating in the future to deal with continued problems. With new technology, doctors can predict what might happen down the road with your teeth and suggest the best long-term option for his or her patient.

Here are our seven reasons dental implants can make your life better.

  1. Long-term solution

Dental implants offer a long-term (25 years) or often a lifetime solution to missing or damaged teeth. So instead of repairing tooth, after tooth and adding expenses over time, you can rest assured your implants will last.

  1. Self-confidence

Feel like your best self while retaining your look. Dental implants are customized specifically for you and can be matched to your existing teeth and jawbone. Unlike with dentures, once removed, you can have sagging or a sad look to your face, you won’t have those problems with implants. Dental implants will keep you looking your best.

  1. Keep your jawbone healthy

If you have empty space in your mouth this can cause more health issues with your jawbone. Dental implants actually replace the old teeth and will help keep your jaw bone strong and healthy.

  1. More freedom

Unlike dentures that can limit the food choices or affect the way you talk; dental implants give you the freedom to eat the foods you love and not run into speech issues.

  1. Less worry

No need to worry about temporary fixes that move around in your mouth. Dental implants are a great option to not have to worry about adjusting, moving or while doing your everyday activities.

  1. Protect your teeth

Compared to other dental options, dental implants go directly in the jawbone without damaging any nearby teeth. They can also prevent teeth from shifting as well.

  1. Better overall health

Did you know your dental implant cannot get cavities? Certainly, you will still want to take good care of your dental implant to increase its longevity.

Want to learn more about how dental implants would work for you? We’d love to provide you a consultation.