We Want to Share Your Stories

We are looking to share our patients’ stories. From kids to adults, we have touched many lives and changed many smiles over the years. We are now looking to share more patient stories like Tyler’s.

Tyler’s Story:

I was first referred to Bay Oral when I was 16 from my dentist after a soccer accident that left me without one of my front teeth. Let me tell you, being 16 years old and in high school without a front tooth doesn’t make life easy. The first day after the accident, I came in to school with a piece of gum wedged into the place where my tooth had been, carefully sculpted to make it look like I still had a full smile. It didn’t work too well. I was anxious to get it repaired as fast as possible in order to keep my inflated perception of “cool” intact.

When I went into Bay Oral to see what needed to be done, I met with Dr. Jason LeMoine. He quickly assessed the damage and confirmed that the gum wouldn’t fix my problem. I would need an implant in order to get my teeth looking normal again, but not until the wound healed and the tissue settled. He then took a mold of my mouth and fit me for a flipper, basically like a retainer with a mold of a tooth on it to wear in the meantime. I got the flipper two days later after what seemed to me like forever. I tried it on, looked in the mirror and smiled. I was impressed.

I went to school the next day nervous about what everyone would think. I’m not sure why though, anything was better than the Juicy Fruit I was reliant on the previous few days. To my amazement, I didn’t catch too much flack for it! My friends asked to see it and reassured me that  it looked great. That flipper that Dr. LeMoine made for me was a lifesaver. I was even a hit at the lunch table where I would quickly move the flipper up and down as if my front tooth was bouncing up and down. It got a good laugh out of the girls at the table.

When the wound was healed a few weeks later, it was time to get the implant in and my anxiety came rushing back. To say I wasn’t nervous about getting a post drilled into my gum would be a lie. I did the best I could to internalize what I was feeling and present a cool demeanor while Dr. LeMoine was explaining every step of the procedure to me while I was laid back with dental tools neatly and strategically placed around me. I opened my mouth as wide as possible and awaited the needles, drills, and other instruments Dr. LeMoine and the nurses in the room were armed with.

 Honestly, after the initial numbing shots that stung like what I would compare to a fraction of a bee sting, I didn’t feel anything. It was quick, painless, and easy. The recovery followed the same theme.

 When all was said and done, I was left with a fully-functional, attractive, white smile. Nine years later the implant is as strong as ever and those who do not know what had happened would never guess that I had one of my front teeth implanted. Dr. Jason LeMoine and the team at Bay Oral Surgery were quick, friendly and knowledgeable lifesavers. I was back at Bay Oral a few months ago to get my wisdom teeth extracted and yet again, the team pulled through without an issue again.

Fast forward 10 years and I’m excited to share my story and capture other patient stories on video– as I work for the video production company that documents the testimonials on the Bay Oral website and I’m excited to share your experience. 

To share your story contact egreene@bayoral.com.